Loves Us Enough To Heal

I am a big fan of Christian Activist Christine Caine, who has been a big inspiration for this blog as well. One such story that she tends to share to inspire others is one of healing. A few years ago, Christine was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her trachea. Since her calling from God is to use her powerful voice to spread HIS message to others this could have been very frightening, but she used her faith to keep her strong. Through this faith in HIS love, she was both healed and able to keep her voice to continue HIS good work!

This was obviously HIS love showing up as this was the story that I remembered when I suffered a pretty massive cat bite last week. This deep bite was suffered on my right (writing) hand. Although I was hesitant to receive medical treatment, instead trusting God to heal me, I took the advice of my boss and went to a local urgent care center that put me on a round of antibiotics.

I am not a real fan of taking medication and have had a bad reaction to these type of meds in the past. Knowing that I was being pushed by the one that loves me more than others, I took the meds and prayed continuously to the ultimate healer. The most miraculous part was that I was not only healed to full function of the hand that HE has given me to spread his message, but this happened in two days! In fact, I was able to stop the antibiotics early. Although I experienced some mild complications from this medication, I was also healed from this in one day.

So, no matter what you are in need of healing from remember that the HE LOVES YOU enough to heal you. Whether mental, physical or spiritual he is always there.



For it is By Grace….
While God made me in his image, I am still in this World, which means that I am still weak and will make mistakes.  In fact, we will all make mistakes. One of my biggest fears throughout my life is that of disappointing others, including the GREAT I AM.

Today, I felt such a surge of relief when He once again reassured me that it is BY GRACE that I am saved and not by my PERFECT WORKS. So, when you start to doubt that HE loves you because you have made a step out of what you consider his line of forgiveness, remember that it is by GRACE that you have been saved and given his PERFECT LOVE and not because you have made all the right decisions in life.